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Dress Code

Lindley Elementary School - Dress Code

Lindley Elementary School Uniforms Information: ALL students are expected to wear uniforms DAILY unless notified of a special day.

Lindley Dress Code

School Dress Code Policy:

  • Black, Navy or Tan pants, shorts, jumpers or skirts/skorts.
    • Please be aware that students go outside for recess whenever possible.
    • Shorts must be at least finger-tip length.
    • Leggings in solid colors may NOT be worn as pants, but they may be worn under uniform skirts/jumpers.
  • Collared shirts and t-shirts with a solid color - no stripes or logos.
  • Shoes must be worn everyday.  Flip-flops and strapless sandals are not permitted due to safety concerns.  Shoes must have a back.
  • Belts will be required as needed.
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts without hoods, or jumpers in solid colors may be worn over shirts with collars.
  • Hooded sweatshirts are allowed, but inside the building, hoods are to remain off.  Hooded sweatshirts should be free of logos or graphics.
  • Hair, makeup, and piercings should not be a distraction to the learning environment.

All Students May Wear Lindley Spirit Wear Daily

  • There will be occasional days where students will be invited to attend school out of uniform.  Be sure to have up-to-date contact information as Lindley will use ParentSquare to communicate school-wide happenings. 

Consequences for Dress Code Infractions

  • 1.  Violation of dress code will result in the student calling home from the classroom for a parent to bring a change of clothing.
  • 2.  If a parent is unable to bring a change of clothing by 9:00 am, students will be required to wear uniform clothing provided by the office.
  • 3.  Additional consequences may occur for habitual dress code violations.  Please refer to the FWCS Code of Conduct.